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Wednesday, 3 October 2012


This painting explains the symbolism of Aum by use of colours. According to Hindu philosophy the letter A represents creation, when all existence issued forth from Brahma's golden nucleus. This is represented by the bright flash of white light in the painting, the continuum of sacred yellow is the ‘U’ in the Aum referring to Vishnu, the God of the middle who preserves this world by balancing Brahma on a Lotus Plant above himself, and the encroaching darkness is the ‘M’, the final part of the cycle of existence, when Vishnu falls asleep and Shiva has to breathe in thereby signalling the end of existence.

There was a certain sense of serendipity around this painting... I guess there still is! I did not really plan for the colours to be so symbolic for Om. Instead this is my personal view of what Om would look like as a painting. And then later, I was told that it’s a good translation of the symbolism of Om and this is how he explained it!


  1. That's amazing that you were able to get that explanation. It really makes sense when you look at the painting. I like how the symbol in relief as well.

    1. Yeah, Varun is the one who looked at it and got it immediately. He asked me to look up the Mandukya Upanishads(he has a friend who got Varun interested in the Spiritual) and said my painting was a good approximation of how Aum was defined in the texts! :)